Registering for Classes

If you are not yet accepted into the College, please begin the steps to enrollment now. All students are assigned an “S Number” (or Student ID Number), which will be used throughout your time at CCD, including registering for classes online at CCDConnect. Below are the steps to help you register in Navigate. 您也可以打电话给我们或到合流大厦一楼的网络中心寻求帮助.

Log into CCDConnect click on NAVIGATE.

Click on PLANNER once you log into Navigate.

  • After you click on Planner, if your Pathway Advisor planned courses for you to take, 可能会弹出一个窗口,要求您添加/拒绝计划的课程.
  • Once you are in your planner, 你可以看到你的学位课程或提前计划你未来的学期.
  • To add a new semester/term: under My Academic Plan > click on +Add a new term > add the semester you want to plan classes for.


  • You can click the light bulb icon to see Tips for Scheduling Courses.

You can choose the Days and Times that you want! 

  • 要查看日期、时间、讲师和交付方法的详细信息,请单击部分.
  • To add the class, click on Add Section.

When you are done adding sections, click on the register button.  将弹出一个窗口,告诉您课程是否已成功注册. If you have questions or run into concerns or errors, we are here to help you, contact Academic Advising at 303-556-2481 or

Academic Standing

Students on academic suspension are unable to register for courses. Please see the suspension advisor in the Academic Advising and Student Success Center in Confluence Building, room 123 to initiate the reinstatement process.

Course Load

你应该和你的指导老师讨论一个学期要报多少门课. The maximum load for all students is 18 credit hours. 注册超过18个学时的课程可获得咨询主任的特别许可.

Auditing Classes

你可以旁听——或者选修没有学分的课程,这些课程列在课程表上,按正常学费收费. 申请旁听课程的截止日期为人口普查日期(见日历)。. 在人口普查日期之后,你不能将“审计”更改为“学分”类. The College Opportunity Fund does not apply to audited courses.

Add a Course to Your Schedule

你有责任在公布的截止日期前增加或减少课程. Adding or dropping classes may affect financial aid. Please check with the Financial Aid Office for details.

  • 您可以在课程安排中添加课程,直到最后一天根据公布的截止日期注册.
  • 如果一门课已经满了并且不接受注册,你可以选择等待这门课. 如果您需要帮助将课程添加到候补名单中,请联系您的指导老师.  
  • 一旦由于其他学生退课而有了座位, 等待名单上的第一个学生将通过其学院指定的学生电子邮件帐户收到开放通知. The open seat is then reserved for a period of 24 hours. Students must take action to be added to the class within that time, or the system will notify the next student on the waitlist.
  • 未在规定时间内报到的学生,学校不予例外.
  • 如果允许的时间与注册的最后一天重叠,学生的注册时间可能少于24小时. Check your email frequently for notifications of open seats.

Drop a Course from Your Schedule

  • 你可以在人口普查日期前退课并获得全额退款(退课并获得退款或不收取课程费用的最后一天). After census day, 你可以在公布的截止日期前退课,并获得“W”成绩.
  • 退课:您可以在退款截止日期后退课,并在“最后退课日”之前获得“W”级成绩. There will be no exceptions to the withdraw deadline. CCD will not issue a refund. See your advisor and instructor before withdrawing. If you receive financial aid, 与财务援助办公室核实,确保退课不会影响你的贷款, scholarships or grants.

先决条件是必须成功完成的必修课程,然后才能注册确定该先决条件的课程. An example of this is CHE 111, General College Chemistry. 学生必须在ENG 121和MAT 121中取得“C”或更高的先决条件才能参加CHE 111. 学生可以参考学院目录和课程时间表,了解课程的先决条件.

大多数CCD课程都有阅读技能的先决条件和/或要求的评估分数. You must either take the placement test from the Testing Center or 在你的成绩单或ACT/SAT考试成绩上有同等的成绩可以免除基本技能测试.

If you try to enroll in a course without the appropriate prerequisite, 在线注册将生成“preeq and Test Score-Error”错误.” You will not be able to register.

When you get the “Prereq and Test Score” error, you have several options, depending on what the prerequisite is:

  • 如果前提课程或任何其他课程要求“最低水平评估分数”,“你可以提供以前的大学成绩单(或最近5年内的ACT/SAT成绩),让考试中心对你的成绩进行评估,以获得更高的相应大学水平的课程. Additional information about this option can be found on the Exemption from the Placement Test webpage. In order to do this, you must also fill out the Transcript In-Take Form with your unofficial transcript(s). 测试中心将在收到后7-10个工作日内进行非正式评估.
  • If you are seeking a CCD degree or certificate, you should arrange to have your official transcript(s) sent to the Office of Registration and Records 申请转学分评估,这样学分就可以百家乐软件到你的CCD学习项目中. 请注意,官方评估需要7-10个工作日才能完成,然后先决条件学分才会发布到您的帐户中,并且只有适用于您指定学习计划的学分才会被转移. 注:注册和记录办公室不授予先决条件豁免/撤销.
  • Please contact the Testing Center 如果您对先决条件和课程豁免流程有进一步的疑问.


  • An example of this is CCR 094, which must be taken with ENG 121.
  • Students should refer to the CCD catalog and class schedule for accompanying co-requisite(s). 

  • 你可以选择另一个开放的部分或联系咨询办公室等待名单的选项.